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I am a Psychiatric Chaplain, devout trekky, and pay the mortgage at my cats, monica and melvin's request. Younger I loved basketball and running, older I am walking and doing lots of photos with my cell phone. I am in awe of God, nature, and children. I like to meuse about faith, everyday life, and the world I live in.

Greetings All!


This is my first attempt at a blog! I choose the title “Chaplain’s Blog” because of my life long love of everything Star Trek.  It represents the spiritual journey that I believe we are all on.  My actual dream life in a transition has been  guided by Star Trek dreams!  So it is with this entry, I journey into the blog universe.  I am not taking it on at warp speed, but I hope to reflect meaningful ideas with the beings who enter this community.  I hope that many will enjoy this journey with me as I take on, dare I say, this new “enterprise”.  I am still learning the mechanics of utilizing this universe. So be patient with me as I attempt to encounter a new life and civilization!   More to come!